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We are glad to welcome you at the homepage of our Clinic! If you have found us, then our goals and tasks are similar. Your aim is to get an expected baby, when our aim is to do everything for that happy moment to become true. Infertility is not a final judgment, it is just an ailment that could and should be surmounted! We can resolve your problem even if it is very difficult and hopeless case. Even when all the others have refused to help you because of your age or abnormal pathology. Our common task is not only pregnancy, but also the birth of a child. We will support you on the way to this desired purpose.IVF,ICSI,PGD,Egg donation,Tesa,Histeroskopy,Laparoskopy,Fertiloskopy,Complete plastic surgery of perineum.

With our technology and experience, we have all the modern and original methods and we are ready to offer you the most effective and individual solution that, in most cases, will let you avoid the IVF. If the IVF is the only way to success, we'll prevent the syndrome of the ovary hyper stimulation. We are also ready to help you by providing diagnostics and treatment of other gynecological and urological diseases.

Success stories

For ten years we have lived with this problem and, finally, found out that there is no spermatozoon in the sperm. As the last hope we went to the “Jūsu ārsti” clinic. There, despite the very difficult case, they agreed to help us. Puncture of ovaries and puncture of testicles were performed on the same day. As the result, a minimum of active spermatozoon were determined. Consequently, they were used to infertile the ovule. A little while later, the pregnancy had been determined. Finally, our fist child had been born. We are happy! Thank you! Kate & Ivar.
Katja and Ivar
The first procedure is the detailed talk with patient, careful examination and analyses collection. This scheme helps us to determine and uncover individual problems of a current couple. As a rule, reasons are always combined and one combination is always different from another.
Even though the clinic specializes on the infertility treatment, we take see women’s reproductive health as a part of her common health. Therefore, we have cultivated our personal approach to the treatment and diagnostics of different illnesses, including cancer in different age groups
Diagnostics and treatment of infertility (IVF, intrauterine insemination (IUI), TESA, PGD). Treatment of non-carrying pregnancy and pathology of pregnancy. Diagnostics and treatment of benign and malignant neoplasm of women’s reproductive system. Plastic gynecological surgery. Diagnostics and treatment by less invasive surgeries (local hysteroscopy and fertile examination), using general anesthesia. US (ultrasonic scanning) diagnostics of viscera.
Riga, Latvia
Riga is the city where you can both enjoy good medical service and relax and have a good time. Being a well situated European city, it will serve the tastes and needs of the savvy for culture, history, food and service. If you are interested in history, then Riga is that what you are looking for as well. Every house and every street are connected with historical events and legends.