Girls and young women (13-18 years)

Every woman visits gynecologist with her personal problems that mostly depend on age, marital status and the proximal vital plans.

Girls and young women (13-18 years) come basically for:

  • Define reasons and treatment for problems of sexual maturation abnormalities. There are possibilities of a premature pubescence, when a child gets its menstruation earlier that usually, even at the age of 5;
  • Define reasons and treatment of abnormal menstruation (allorithmic menstruations, menostasis, premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrheal etc.). In addition, there are three most common and very important problems of this age: excessive hair growth, hair loss above forehead area, acne. These problems are often caused by a single reason: sex hormones abnormalities. The syndromes may appear together with or without menstruation disorders;
  • Sexually transmitted disease prevention and treatment;
  • Optimal contraceptive selection.


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