Diagnostics and treatment


Every treatment begins with the careful collection of information about the history of diseases of the couple; every question about hereditary diseases, as well as previous illnesses of both parents and previous surgical procedures are clarified. Considering the collected material, we develop a general treatment strategy. When the necessary laboratory examinations of the couple are prescribed, we proceed with the US examination and do the spermogramme. First stage is finished with this action.

During the second stage, the specified data of examination gives us the opportunity to prescribe medical and, possibly, surgical treatment. If necessary, during the examination stage we perform diagnostic office hysteroscopy and fertiloscopy that allows determining pathology of the uterus and ovaries that is practically invisible in US. We can also take biopsy from suspicious areas, as well as eliminate pathology that may be the main reason for infertility. Office hysteroscope and vaginal laparoscope are significantly thinner in diameter than existing hysteroscopes and laparoscopes. Using them we can see the reason of infertility inside the uterus and abdominal cavity without making skin longitudinal sections, take tissue samples and eliminate small defects (polypus, for example) during one procedure. This is very elegant and non-traumatic method. This has significantly improved the quality of infertility diagnostics. Sometimes possibility to get pregnant appear just after the removing the polypus. The patient returns to her normal active life already after some hours. This gives an opportunity to use this method for the people having limited amount of free time.


Infertility can be treated by pharmacotherapy when the cause is revealed and eliminated by medicaments, for example, in the case of hidden chronic infection. Surgical method also can be used, for example, to eliminate an intrauterine polypus. However, if it is necessary to perform IVF it is time for the thi rd stage - preparation and performing of IVF procedure. During this stage of IVF procedure we choose individual protocols of stimulation for every particular couple (taking into account the age and data of examinations).

Incipient pregnancy will require thorough monitoring and medical support as the secretion of own hormones will be depressed in most of cases. The patients often require medical therapy due to of concomitant immunological disorders. All periods of pregnancy must be carefully documented taking into account all possible risks. Save and carry pregnancy passing the patient to obstetrician-gynecologist for successful childbirth - this is our main task!

About the hyperstimulation syndrome and its consequences

For now, the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is the most serious complication during the IVF procedure. Mostly it appears in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Hyperstimulation syndrome may also appear spontaneously. This syndrome can be described by many follicles matured during stimulation and secretion of large amount of fluid into the abdominal and pleural cavities, and sometimes also into pericardium. Its course always is serious and it requires intensive therapy.

We have developed and are successfully using the complex of steps that helps to avoid the consequences of this complication. Practically, a patient gets rid of the clinical presentations of OHSS (pain, bloating, shortness breath, tachycardia, insomnia and loss of appetite), necessity of hospitalization, intensive therapy, and fluid removing. Firstly, this gives a possibility to patients and personal to feel boldly and confirmed.. Secondly, this gives the possibility to wide the advance indications for IVF offering this procedure to all women from the group of risk.

Help in the case of non-carrying

The unique algorithm of pregnancy keeping.

Sometimes behind the difficult medical terminology is hiding a very simple and very familiar notion. For example it can be pregnancy keeping algorithm. Simplifying the mentioned before, this is standardized system that includes a lot of different manipulations, starting from the first day of pregnancy and until the childbirth. Firstly, its task is to diagnose the problem in its first stages, but the major task is to start the treatment much earlier, preventing possible pregnancy pathology. So do many people, but separately - fragmented and unsystematic. Unfortunately, the result can be reached only working by considered scheme, having understood all the terms of possible difficulties that can appear in later time. We are starting our preparation for expected childbirth in the stage of examination, before IVF procedure, considering all of source data. We make individual program for every couple. The doctor rigorously, day after day supervises the progress of the global process and course of pregnancy, getting closer to the common aim - the successful childbirth.

Medical support

Though, the clinic is specialized in infertility treatment, we also consider the reproductive health of woman, as the part of the health in general. So, we have cultivated our personal approach to the treatment and diagnostics of different illnesses, including cancer illnesses, in different age groups.

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