Looking back

Every year in a person's or team's life is a year of small and grand victories. In time, it looses its wittiness, becomes humdrum, leaving us with nothing more that a memorable landmark. There were a lot of landmarks in our history. Our departing point was the resettlement to a new building in 2005, work with the super modern equipment. It seems like it was yesterday, when we have just celebrated our 5th anniversary.

We have celebrated 2006 with a strong progress. New patients had undergone the IVF treatment. It was successful as well. Event he most \"infertile\" managed to get pregnant. Experiences  obtained in St. Petersburg and Chicago were not idle. Two new employees joined our team: a doctor of biological sciences, experienced embryologist Ilona Ionina and outstanding surgeon Nikita Shubnikov.

One year after, in 2007, our gynecologists have visited The London Royal College, where they attended the course of lectures on modern techniques and methods.

Besides that, together with our team, we have visited the International conference in Barcelona. It was devoted to different approaches and understandings of modern IVF. Now everyone could determine their own way to develop its skills, considering all the different opinions, sometimes contradictory. This trip has shown the real scientific edge. We, once again, were faced with a fact that, although, this sector is very young yet developed, it still poses a lot of questions. We have been gathering experience and knowledge.

Embryologist Ilona Ionina was attending a course on genetics and reproduction at the University of Chicago for the whole month. It is considered to be the best embryology school in the world, where all the people generously share their knowledge. So Ilona had a great opportunity to gain experience, while working.

More importantly, we have bought an outstanding device: the office hysteroscopy device, which is significantly thinner in diameter than the one we have been using before. With its help, without any skin damage and just like this we can see the reason of infertility inside the uterus and abdominal cavity, taking tissue samples and eliminating small defects (the polypus, for example) in the course of one procedure. This is a very elegant and non-traumatic method. It significantly raised the quality of infertility diagnostics.

Sometimes, by just removing the polypus, it becomes possible to get pregnant. Just after couple of hours, a patient to return to her normal life, filled with daily activities. This option gave gave us a possibility to help people with limited amount of free time.

During the same year, we have decided to introduce one more novelty: the intimate plastic surgery. We were debating weather it was possible to restore the reproductive organs, remove defects, due to which people have been feeling discomfort in the bed area? Was it possible to get rid of this discomfort and improve the intimate life? Yes! As it turned out, it is definitely possible. Intimate plastic surgery is the possibility to remove the aesthetic defects of the reproductive organs. A small surgery can significantly change every woman\'s life, saving her from the sense of inferiority and problems with intimate life.

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