Success stories

About those, who have found the solution. Stories with happy endings.


  • Robert and Julia: We have tried to resolve our childbirth problem several times. We have tried different specialised clinics and even undertook two stages of IVF. Both of the attempts were awful, because they both have finished with miscarriage at early stages. We have already lost hope, when we got an advice to visit the "Jūsu Ārsti" clinic. What surprised us at first is the serious attitude we got straight away and in-depth look into our problem. Doctor actually took time to explain us all the essence and results of our tests in details. After the thorough and careful research, it was confirmed that the reason of our problems was abnormality in Julia's chromosomes. We performed an IVF and did the diagnostics of embryos. Healthy embryos that didn't have an abnormality were separated and used. As a result we have our baby! Thanks to all the professionals that helped us through the process.


  • Kate and Ivar: For ten years we have lived with this problem and, finally, found out that there is no spermatozoon in the sperm. As the last hope we went to the "Jūsu ārsti" clinic. There, despite the very difficult case, they agreed to help us. Puncture of ovaries and puncture of testicles were performed on the same day. As the result, a minimum of active spermatozoon were determined. Consequently, they were used to infertile the ovule. A little while later, the pregnancy had been determined. Finally, our fist child had been born. We are happy! Thank you!
  • Anita and Mark: The only way, we thought, for us to have a baby was to use a donor sperm to conceive.  We were most certain, as the tests have previously confirmed that spermatozoons were non-existent in Mark's sperm. We have come to the Clinic to undergo the IVF procedure with a donor sperm, however Doctor wanted to make sure we are doing the right thing and decided to check the sperm again. The Clinic's in-house embryologist has checked the spermatogram and found only few slow spermatozoa. Medical treatment was prescribed and implemented. As the result, active spermatozoa were found and there were no more need for donor sperm. We were over the moon! After all, the expected baby was born. Thanks to all the professionals!
  • Alexandra and Igor: We have dreamt about a baby for more than 10 years, but we weren't lucky enough. Although, we had no illnesses or pathologies, still nobody was able to help us conceive a child.  Without any hope we visited the Clinic, to try the IVF. Here, as they have the latest equipment, they were able to do this test: office hysteroscopy - fertiloscopy. As a result they were able to determine that the external uterus membrane has grown wrong. After the treatment, we have naturally conceived and our long-expected baby was born. This unexpectedly simple solution of the problem both amazed and made us happy.


  • Inna and Odet: Most of our life together we were faced with the fact that we cannot have a baby and we thought that problem was with sperm. We had undergone IVF treatment in several clinics and several times, using both our and donor sperm. When Inna turned 42, we came to the Clinic. Our doctor insisted on examining Inna, saying that it is not correct to blame only the quality of sperm. As the result of the office hysteroscopy, the adenomyosis of uterus was determined. Doctors came up with a special preparation procedure for the IVF and a special timetable afterwards. As a result we have successfully undergone the IVF! It was a success! We have twins now. It was clear that it is especially difficult to succeed at the age of 42, but we took our chances with the Clinic and it was not useless.
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